Not so typical Sunday

Today at church, I realized how much being a mom has changed me. We’ll first start off with the fact that I’m a very impatient person and lose my temper quite easily. It’s only part of my human flaws- so it’s okay, it’s normal. At church, while we were kneeling before the Eucharist, there was a little girl about 7-8 sitting behind me. She was tapping my feet with her own, I looked back and she stopped. I shrugged it off and continued to pay attention. Normally, I would have become irate and annoyed but instead I played along. The next time she tried to tap my feet with hers, I beat her and tapped my heel against her shoe. She giggled- it made me laugh as well. This went on throughout the whole time that I was kneeling and even after the Eucharist, she tapped my feet with mine. For every time I beat her she would have a giggle fit- her mom didn’t seem to stop her.  Once the church mass (or service) had ended, she asked me “What’s your name” and I responded with “Desi” she said “My name is Selena” which I replied with ” Well Selena, you’re very silly and have silly feet” she giggled and grinned ear to ear. Her smile was contagious and I smiled right back.
If I wasn’t a mom and this little girl had been tapping my feet with hers, I would have gotten angry and easily annoyed and have given her dirty looks or even told her mom to control her daughter. This time I realized: she’s only a child and she’s having fun, there’s no harm to playing back, beating her at her own game perhaps. I left church with a smile, calm and unstressed whereas if I had gotten aggravated- my whole Sunday would have been ruined.
I’m glad I’m a mom, it brings more joy to life than I could have ever seen before. It makes one’s heart tender and nurturing. 

Have a Wonderful day,




Hello Everyone!
This is my first post as a blogger, I am very new at this but hope to continue to improve as I share my everyday life with all of you.
First things first, welcome to my blog! What you will find in here is my stories and experiences as a young mother of a little boy with special needs. Not only that, but I’ll tell you my perspective of my surroundings as a young mom. sounds typical? not exactly. My views as a parent have completely changed from when I was a 16 year old carefree teenager. This blog is basically to share my life with the world and help other young girls with becoming moms, moms finding out the diagnosis of their children and anyone else who needs support and love from someone, because if there is anything I know more about is what it feels like to feel helpless.  I hope you can all enjoy this and for those of you with more experience, hopefully feedback to improve my blogging experience.

Have a Blessed night everybody!

Desiree& Cody