About Me

Hello Bloggers, and Internet users from all around!
My name is Desi, short for Desiree and I’m 19 years old. I live in the state of Maryland. I attend community college, slowly working my way up to get my associates in general studies and then a bachelor’s and master’s in speech pathology. I’m currently living with my parents at home while I look for a paying job to maintain my full time job as a mom! Starting January 2011, I’ve been blessed to be the mom to a wonderful, mischievous, funny and determined little boy named Cody.
I am a creative person and get a thrill from drawing, painting and creatively writing. I also love psychology because it intrigues me to learn about the way the human brain works. I love to make people laugh, knowing that I’m the reason someone is laughing or grinning from ear to ear brings me joy. I believe in God and am a practicing Catholic, although I’m not strict in my religion I hope to one day grow in my faith.  If there is anything that means most to me is my family and closest friends, I’d do anything to cheer them up and be there for them. I have a tremendous amount of respect for teen moms and special needs moms, they are the strongest of them in my opinion due to the hardships and pressures they have to own up to. I am actually a special needs mom and although it is very tough, I know I was sent into this world to make a difference in someone’s life and that life happens to be Cody’s, I could not be any happier with it.  I love music. I am not one to play music or sing but I know that whatever type of music I’m listening to determines my mood.  I am a strong animal rights believer and wish for all animal cruelty to end. I’m a happy and proud owner of a Westie named Dash!

One of my strongest qualities is comforting others, I enjoy making others feel good about themselves and cheering them up when they feel down.

I count my blessings every day and am grateful for the love and support given to me and my son by those who surround me with their love, thank you a billion times to you!


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