About Cody

My little Batman voted!

This is my son Cody, his full name is Cody Matthew. His name means “Helpful” and “Gift from God” and he really owns up to the significance of his name!  He was born on January of 2011 via Emergency C-section at 37 weeks and 5 days. Due to a few birth complications, he needed to stay with the wonderful nurses at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  At birth, he weighed 4 lbs and 2 oz and was 18.8 inches long. His platelet count was very low and had hypoglycemia for the first few days in the hospital. In those 10 days, my heart grew fonder for the little addition to my life who would forever engrave his presence in it. One of the many things I take pride in is Cody’s smile.  He’s one extremely happy boy and his laugh could light up a room just from the sound of it.  Unlike other kids, Cody isn’t your typical 22 month old; he’s considered special needs.  He has a Genetic Disorder that is also considered neurological.

Leukodystrophy/Delayed Myelination:  an abnormality or injury in white brain matter. Impairs motor skills, fine motor skills and could also delay and affect speech.  An umbrella term, currently unspecified leukodystrophy is the diagnosis.

Dystonia:  An unusual muscle stiffness that usually accompanies a larger neurological disorder. Childhood and Adult Dystonia vary from infantile dystonia where muscles force body into distorted positions ( this is not Cody’s case)

Although Cody goes through a lot, he lives life with love and is loved greatly by many, he was a huge turning point in my life and I’m glad he came and turned my life the right side up again.


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