Not so typical Sunday

Today at church, I realized how much being a mom has changed me. We’ll first start off with the fact that I’m a very impatient person and lose my temper quite easily. It’s only part of my human flaws- so it’s okay, it’s normal. At church, while we were kneeling before the Eucharist, there was a little girl about 7-8 sitting behind me. She was tapping my feet with her own, I looked back and she stopped. I shrugged it off and continued to pay attention. Normally, I would have become irate and annoyed but instead I played along. The next time she tried to tap my feet with hers, I beat her and tapped my heel against her shoe. She giggled- it made me laugh as well. This went on throughout the whole time that I was kneeling and even after the Eucharist, she tapped my feet with mine. For every time I beat her she would have a giggle fit- her mom didn’t seem to stop her.  Once the church mass (or service) had ended, she asked me “What’s your name” and I responded with “Desi” she said “My name is Selena” which I replied with ” Well Selena, you’re very silly and have silly feet” she giggled and grinned ear to ear. Her smile was contagious and I smiled right back.
If I wasn’t a mom and this little girl had been tapping my feet with hers, I would have gotten angry and easily annoyed and have given her dirty looks or even told her mom to control her daughter. This time I realized: she’s only a child and she’s having fun, there’s no harm to playing back, beating her at her own game perhaps. I left church with a smile, calm and unstressed whereas if I had gotten aggravated- my whole Sunday would have been ruined.
I’m glad I’m a mom, it brings more joy to life than I could have ever seen before. It makes one’s heart tender and nurturing. 

Have a Wonderful day,



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