Mommy and Me swimming class

Mommy and Me swimming class

Cody had such a blast at his swimming for tots class! He wasn’t afraid of the water at all whatsoever and he even didn’t mind going underwater! I’m so proud of my little swimming guy! there was even another teen couple with their little boy, he was so cute! It even turned out that the instructor was a classmate of mine from my Monday evening class. who knew! These are going to be the best 6 weeks for Cody and I! we’re so thrilled! I thank my aunt Paty so much for having signed us up for this class!


One thought on “Mommy and Me swimming class

  1. First 6 weeks and more to come for my little sweet Chiquitin … I promise!
    -Aunt Paty….uh… correction… Great Aunt Paty =)

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